Performance Services

Driving enthusiasts of all types take advantage of Speed Club Performance Services.  Our skilled technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to keep your car in tune and on schedule.  Racing and track performance is obviously an important part of our business, but we also serve dozens of customers who simply enjoy driving their exotics, classics, and high-performance cars for everyday use.

Annual scheduled services along with brake, wheel and tire replacement are some of our most common requests.  If you have storage needs, Speed Club can provide short and long-term storage in a safe and controlled environment and offer complete detailing services while your car is with us.

Call for ideas on how Speed Club can become your preferred service provider.

Speed Club Performance Shop

Some of the many services Speed Club provides include: 

  • Road Car & Race Car Storage
  • Road Car Maintenance and Detailing
  • Track Car Preparation
  • Race Car Preparation
  • Transportation & Trackside Support
  • Suspension Setup & Tuning
  • Driver Coaching
  • Race Engineering and Data Analysis
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Speed Club Performance Services
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Come join the Speed Club family. You’ll be glad you did. We look forward to seeing you and your performance car soon.